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Welcome to Temple Space, my name is Anne McMillan.  I’m a qualified and registered practitioner of Chinese Medicine and specialise in acupuncture.  I also incorporate herbs, Chinese massage, cupping and dietary/lifestyle advice in my therapeutic approach.

I have a background in nursing and have had experience in many forms of healing, both in my personal and my professional life.

Since we lead such busy lives we can struggle sometimes to keep all of the balls in the air.  We naturally seek to maintain a sense of equilibrium, balance.

Our bodies have an incredible built-in self-healing mechanism.   At its best Chinese medicine works to enable this force within us.  It stimulates the natural ability of the body to heal.  Through my experience of using this medicine I see a growing sense of self-empowerment and body awareness in those that I treat.  People become more in tune with themselves and through this they are able to find balance in their lives.

Healing is a process of self discovery.  It requires a level of courage and commitment.  My goal is to assist you in becoming the “best version of yourself”.  That is my commitment to you.  I strive to do this using the medicine that I know and love.

Our health and wellbeing is important.  We need to make time for it. I am available for consultation Monday – Saturday in Warburton. I would love to chat with you to discuss whether acupuncture and Chinese medicine could be right for you.

Note: Anne is a health fund provider and am happy to discuss payment options if needed.

To contact Anne:

Phone : 0407 681 549

Ba.Ap.S Nursing, Ba. HS Acupuncture, Cert III Oriental Massage.