Stringybark Supplies


Marcus Thompson, the owner of Stringybark Supplies has a Bachelor of Science degree with honours (majoring in geology and marine biology) graduating in 2010.  From 2011 to 2015 Marcus worked as a geologist in the coal mining and later gold mining industry. His passion for creating beautiful pieces from wood and a move from Bendigo to Warburton inspired Marcus to start Stringybark Supplies and become one of the tenants at YREC’s business villlage.

Stringybark Supplies is an online store which manufactures and sells rustic wedding decorations, specialising in wooden products.  The aim of Stringybark Supplies is to become a market leader in this niche by continuously innovating and producing unique items that appeal to ‘soon-to-weds’ and wedding planners alike.

At Stringybark Supplies, wedding supplies are not made in a factory. Wood is hand picked from trees that have come down naturally (usually in a storm) and slice them in a way to preserve the look and feel of the original branch.  When you buy from Stringybark Supplies you can be sure that you have a unique, sustainable and beautiful piece of nature.

To contact Marcus from Stringybark Supplies:

Mobile: 0431 482 079